Frozen Shirauo (5-7cm.)
Fish for deep fry, Salad Shirauo, Salad Silver Fish,(1 kg./pack)

Packaging: 1 kg./pack
Size: 5-7 cm./pc.
(Store at temperature -18 C.) 

More information:
- Frozen Shirauo
- Make a menu: Crispy Shirauo by dipping with normal crispy batter. Then put it to fry on medium heat. Watch for crispy yellow, then drain the oil.
- Defrost by leaving it at room temperature for about 2 hours or in water with a plastic bag.

How to fry, dry flour recipe (less oil recipe)

1. Thaw silver fish at room temperature for 1-2 hours.

2. Take a clean white cloth. To absorb water from the silver fish to dry.
(If the silver fish still has a lot of water, it will make it fry and not crispy)

3. Take the tempura batter. It can be mixed with dried silver fish.
 Order the tempura batter. Click here

4. Put the silver fish in the pan (The oil in the pan must be hot before putting the silver fish in it. Try putting one silverfish in the pan and see if it makes a squealing sound. is available)

More When put silver fish in the pan, sprinkle the silver fish coated in flour, will make the silver fish not stick together into a raft :)

5. Fry for about 20 seconds, turn the heat to medium-low. Then continue to fry with low heat until golden and crispy. Order oil for frying, click here.

Crispy Silver Fish Sprinkle a little salt and it's delicious. Or eat it with vegetable salad, it's equally delicious. Japanese Roasted Sesame Dressing Ikura Salmon roe

Mix water and flour at a ratio of 1:1 before frying. (long crispy recipe)


1. I am a restaurant owner and want to buy it. Is there a wholesale price?


Yes, we are. Any restaurant who wants a wholesale price of any product, contact us. We can give an advice.

2. Can I thaw it in water?


Yes, you can. The water used should be clean water to prevent other contaminants. Don't forget the most important thing  is to dry it before mixing it with the flour. The dough will be crispy.

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