Kojibuta Pork Ribs (600-800+- G./pc.)



Kojibuta Pork Ribs (600-800+- G./pc.)

Kojibuta pork is hygienic pork that is fattened mainly with Japanese koji rice and was raised with the methods of authentic Japan, which resulted in pork with a rich flavor and tenderness. It is considered the best pork. It can be used to make a good grill for Yakiniku-style or Shabu-style. Looking for the best pork at a reasonable price? Consider Kochibuta pork as the first choice.

Packing: 600-800+- G./pc.
Size: Whole 600-800+- G. Pork Ribs

*** Purchase a whole part of the meat. You can order the meat cut to any desired thickness.
(The meat's width cannot be adjusted.)

*** The price shown is the price per kilogram

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