Australia Grass Fed Oyster Blade



Australia Angus Grass Fed Oyster Blade
Australian Angus Beef is a breed of cattle native to the Northeast of Scotland. Famous for producing high-quality beef consistently. This makes it a global standard for steak quality in every corner.

The Oyster Blade is a popular slice that can be sliced for Shabu or Yakiniku. Not only this but it can also be cut to make steak.

Beef flavor: Intense flavor
Characteristics of meat: Medium-low marbling
Softness Level: Medium
Spec: 2-3 +- Kg
MBS: -
Origin: Australia
Functions to use: Yakiniku, Shabu

A whole part can be requested to be sliced (Sliced Beef), dry aged, or smoked. You can inform the admin.

*** The price shown is the price per kilogram (weight per piece)
This price includes a custom-cut, vacuum-sealed bag (1 piece per pack).

*** Purchase a whole part of the meat. You can order the meat cut to any desired thickness.
(The meat's width cannot be adjusted.)

If any customer wants us to cut the meat into pieces, seal it in a vacuum bag. Our service is free. There is no additional service fee.
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