Foie Gras (Duck Liver) 400-600 G./PC.

Packaging: 400-600 G./PACK
Size: 400-600 G./PC.
(Store at temperature -18 C.) 

More information:
- Foie Gras (Duck Liver) (Producing country: Hungary)
- Defrost by leaving it at room temperature for about 2 hours or thaw in water with a plastic bag.
- Functions to use: Sushi, Sauce

FAQ (Foie Gras)

1. Foie gras (Duck Liver) vs Foie gras (Goose Liver) What's the difference?


In general, goose liver is regarded as more premium than duck liver foie gras in terms of taste. Goose liver foie gras has a slightly stronger flavor and smell than duck liver.

Another difference is that when duck liver foie gras is heated, it will melt faster than goose liver foie gras. Therefore, if you want to use foie gras to make steaks or sear in the pan, goose liver foie gras should be used. If you want to make a sushi dish, use duck liver foie gras; it is much easier to burn the outer surface with a burner. According to the typical Japanese buffet restaurant, they prefer duck liver. Europeans prefer goose liver.

Duck Liver: Japanese food, Sushi, Donburi
Goose Liver: European food, Sauce, Serve with red wine

Color: Duck liver's color is yellowish white, while goose liver has a creamy pinkish tint. It's a different point to know that the foie gras we buy is duck or goose liver. The price of duck and goose liver is quite different. (Please take notice when purchasing.)

2. A whole Foie gras vs Sliced Foie gras What's the difference?


A whole Foie gras will be a big piece. If you want to make sushi or donburi, you have to thaw and cut a whole Foie gras into pieces before used for cooking. It's going to be a bit of a waste of time.

A sliced Foie gras will be cut into small pieces already. The size of 40-60 grams per piece. Just take out of the bag and can be used to cook easily. Very convenient.

This is up to your preference and convenient. Which one do you like?

3. How to thaw


Bring the foie gras and leave it at room temperature for 1-2 hours (a whole piece may take longer). Do not thaw foie gras in water because it will lose its taste and quality. Put it at room temperature and wait a bit; it will be delicious.

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