Fresh Salmon size (4-5 kg./fish)

Packaging: pack in a foam box with ice to keep the temperature.
Size: Fillet 4-5 kg. whole Salmon
(Store at temperature 0-5 C.) 

More information:
- Fresh Salmon size (4-5 kg./fish)
- Can be cut as required. Please note down when ordering.
- Suitable for sushi, sashimi, and cooking various dishes.
- Freshness garanteed

*** The prices shown are the prices per kg. (The weight will be depending on fish)
Can be cut as required. Please inform an admin or note down when ordering.

***Salmon head, salmon tail and fish bone. From ordering, we will collect them and put them in a sealed bag.

Ordering products that are sold by weight.
Method 1: Place your own order on the website. 
1.1 The price on the front of products sold by weight means the price per 1 kg. 
1.2 If you only need 1 item, select 1 in the quantity box. If you want 2 items, choose 2 in the quantity box. The payment will be a pledge. After paying, the admin will call back to confirm the order via mobile phone. 
1.3 After we weigh the actual product, we will call back to confirm the weight of the product before shipping. 
1.4 Pay the remaining price of the product before shipping.

Method 2: Place an order with an admin 
2.1. Order the amount of the item through any channel with admin. Please inform us of the item's name and weight (specification). 
2.2 Payment of the actual product weight before shipping.

***Fresh salmon will deliver in a foam box with ice to keep the temperature.

Procedure for booking fresh fish
1. Products must be reserved 7 days in advance. Fish reservation days are Monday and Tuesday.
2. Customers will receive fish next week. The fish will come on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.
***** In case of hurrying to use the product to check the fish out of reservation, contact at

Line: @bigfridgeboy
Facebook: bigfridgeboy
Phone: 063-264-9982

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