Fresh Salmon (trout)(5-6 kg./fish)

Packaging: packed in foam box with ice to maintain freshness
Size: Fillet 5-6 kg. Whole Salmon (Trout)
(Store at 0-5 C.)

Additional information:
- Fresh whole Norwegian salmon (5-6 kg each)
- Can be cut to order Please note when ordering.
- Can be made into sushi (Sushi) or used to cook various dishes
- You can be sure that it's fresh for sure.

Fresh fish reservation process

1. Products must be booked in advance 7 days in advance, the reservation date is Monday and Tuesday.

The customer will receive the fish next week. The fish will enter on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

2. Salmon has 2 approximate sizes:

*4-5 kg

*5-6 kg

Customers can choose the size. and inform at Line@bigfridgeboy

******Price per kilogram, for example 820 x 4 =3,280 baht per piece.

******The price that the customer pays is the fish reservation price. After gaining weight, admin will inform the payment amount again.

3. Free finley and flake cutting service

If the sashimi cut is ready to eat There is a service charge of 500 baht each.

4. Products are packed in foam boxes and put ice. The delivery fee is 200 baht per delivery round.

Other provinces deliver via temperature-controlled vehicles.

in Bangkok or nearby areas

Can be delivered via Grab Shipping costs are calculated based on actual distance.

thank you

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