Pink Salmon Roe (300 g.)

Packaging: 300 g./box (500 g./box (Click here!!))
Size: Medium granules
(Store at temperature -18 C.) 

More information:
- Pink Salmon Roe (300 g.) from Japan
- Defrost by leaving it at room temperature for about 2 hours or in water with a plastic bag.
- Function to use: Sashimi, Sushi

FQA Pink Salmon Roe

1. How to store Salmon Roe? Keep it in a normal refrigerator or keep it in the freezer?


The best way to store is it in Freezer

The recommendation is after receiving, bring it to defrost and divided it into a small cups that you want to eat per one serve, may be divided into 5-8 cups.


Then put each cup of salmon roe in the freezer.

 Take the salmon roe out and consume one cup at a time. In this way, we don't have to thaw and freeze salmon roe over and over again. This may cause the salmon roe to be frozen. It can spoil the taste of salmon roe.

If divided into small cups, you can be sure that the salmon roe will stay fresh every time you eat it. It can be stored for at least 6-8 months.

2. Is the salmon roe in this brand in large granules?


This salmon roe is not large granules size.
Salmon roe is actually popular from 2 species of salmon. 1.) Chum Salmon 2.) Pink Salmon.

This product is Pink Salmon. Which is smaller than Chum Salmon but it has crunchy texture, very thin roe shell so it make blasting in your mouth.

However we also have Chum Salmon for sale >>> Order here

3. Can children eat salmon roe?


We imported salmon roe from Japan 100% which the Japan children eat salmon roe normally. However, you may have to ask if they have ever eaten raw fish, fresh salmon, or fresh Japanese sweet shrimp?. If they ever eat and like it, and there are no side effects. I can assure that they can definitely eat it. (But if they are under 3 years old, it is not recommended.)

4. Who can't eat salmon roe?


Salmon roe will be seasoned and marinated with shoyu that contains soybean. People who can't eat soybeans are not recommended.

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