Frozen Uni (Urchin) ready to eat after defrosting

Packaging: 100 G./PACK
(Store at temperature -18 C.)

***Due to Frozen Uni (Urchin) is a product that is very sensitive to temperature. Therefore, it must be kept at less change of temperature. It is recommended to keep it inside the refrigerator as possible.

More information:
- Frozen Uni (Urchin)
- Defrost by leaving it at room temperature for about 2 hours or in water with a plastic bag.
- Function to use: Sashimi, Sushi, Uni sauce

FQA Frozen Uni (Urchin)

1. Can we eat immediately after defrosting the Uni, right?


Correct, defrost by leaving it at room temperature for about 30-45 minutes or until it not frozen, you can eat it.

It is recommended to eat it while it is still cold. Served with wasabi and shoyu or eat with salmon roe It's delicious, (Order salmon roe to go along with it. Click here.)

2. Frozen Uni VS Fresh Uni, does it taste different?


The taste will be a little different. Fresh Uni will definitely taste sweeter, softer and more creamy.  The truthful answer is although not as sweet and creamy as fresh sea Uni but it's actually delicious too. The price of frozen Uni is affordable. Ordering to eat like a buffet is still affordable. Wants to eat fresh sea urchin eggs? Order here!!

3. How to store Uni?


if you can't eat them all. It is recommended to store in the freezer. However, it should be consumed in one time. The other method; divide the Uni as much as you can eat, and keep the rest in the freezer as usual.

4. I want to eat Fresh Uni. Do you have it?


Yes, we have. you can contact the admin. We will import fresh Uni for you. Order here!!

There are both Murasaki sea urchin eggs, and bafun sea urchin eggs

5. What causes some sea urchin eggs to have a dark color?


The dark color of the sea urchin eggs because the product is frozen and has not been exposed to the air for a period. The color occur normally however once it defrosted, will return to yellow as usual.

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