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Fresh Norwegian Salmon Fillet delivery all over Thailand

Packaging: packed in foam box with ice to maintain freshness
Size: Fillet 4.5+- kg. whole Salmon
(Store at temperature 0-5 C.) 

More information:
- Whole Fresh Norwegian Salmon (4-5 Kg.)
- Can be cut as required. Please note when ordering.
- Can be made into sushi or used to cook various dishes.
- Freshness Guaranteed

*** The prices shown are the prices per whole salmon.
Can be cut as required. Please inform an admin or note down when ordering.

***Salmon head, salmon tail and fish bone. From ordering, we will collect them and put them in a sealed bag.

***Fresh salmon will deliver in a foam box with ice to keep the temperature.


1. Products must be reserved 7 days in advance. Reservation days are Monday and Tuesday.
2. Customers will receive the fish a week later. The fish will enter on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

Line: @bigfridgeboy
Facebook: bigfridgeboy
Phone: 063-264-9982

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