Wagyu Shimabara Striploin
Wagyu Shimabara, named after the city of Japan, Shimabara (嶋原), is a city full of rich nature. Both mountains and underground water sources give Shimabara Wagyu cattle a unique flavor and lovely marbling.

Striploin is a popular part of the steak. It is one of the top three parts of beef. The meat can also be grilled for Yakiniku-style or cut into slices for Shabu-style.

Beef flavor: Juicy meat, nice-smelling
Characteristics of meat: Excellent marbling
Softness Level: Excellent
Spec: 200 +- grams
Origin: Japan
Functions to use: Yakiniku, Shabu, Steak

A whole part can be requested to be sliced (Sliced Beef), dry aged, or smoked. You can inform the admin.

If any customer wants us to cut the meat into pieces, seal it in a vacuum bag. Our service is free. There is no additional service fee.
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