Australia Black Angus Grain Fed Tomahawk
The Australian Black Angus is a native black cow that is popularly used for grain-fed by the U.S.D.A. higher quality than other Angus beef. This breed has a large size, which makes it popular to feed grain to make it fat.

The Tomahawk is a popular part that is grilled or smoked and served as a glamorous dish.

Beef flavor: Intense flavor, juicy meat, nice-smelling
Characteristics of meat: Good marbling
Softness Level: Good
Spec: 1.2 +- Kg
MBS: 3/4
Origin: Australia
Functions to use: Steak

A whole part can be requested whole rack (3-5 rib), dry aged, or smoked. You can inform the admin.

If any customer wants us to cut the meat into pieces, seal it in a vacuum bag. Our service is free. There is no additional service fee.

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