Australian Brisket Sliced (200g.)
Packing: 200 grams

Australian Brisket sliced with intense flavor. It is a tender part with lovely marbling, and nice-smelling. Thin slices are suitable for grilling Yakiniku-style, Shabu, Hot pot, Suki,  Jaew-Hon and various.

How-to thaw the meat

1. (BEST) Place it in the refrigerator for 18-24 hours overnight. Bring the product from the freezer to the cold compartment. It will be perfect by tomorrow morning. We will gradually reduce the cooling of the meat to keep the highest quality. The meat does not spit out a lot of water. The juiciness is still there. Absolutely delicious.

2. (NORMAL) Place it at room temperature for about 1-2 hours.

3. (FAST) Soak the whole plastic bag in water for 30–40 minutes, Done. Ready to cook.

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